Every Monday Matters

How can our family make a difference in our community?  How can we teach our children about doing things for others?  With young children, especially preschoolers, this can be challenging.  So every Monday, we have decided to rise to the challenge and Make Monday Matter.

Week 1: Thank you notes and cookies for the church staff

Week 2: A simple way to show God's love (a flower give away at a Senior living complex).

Week 3: We made dinners for some families so they could spend more time with their loved ones knowing everything was taken care of.

Week 4:  Spring yard work at the church to tidy up for Easter Sunday.

Week 5: A simple way to show God's love to others in the community.  Craft flower give away at a local nursing home.

Week 6: Thank you cards for military service members on active duty.

Week 7: A simple way to show God's love, a sucker give away down town.

Week 8: Recognizing the beauty that God created and showing his love by cleaning it up.  Oval beach clean up.

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11: 

Week 12: