Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Big Idea

Aiden: Mommy I have a big idea!
Mommy: What's your big idea?
Aiden: I know how to get a lot a lot of money to buy what I wanted at the store!
Mommy: Oh yeah.
Aiden: I will get a money cost-er.
Mommey: What is a money cost-er?
Aiden: It's a thing with a conveyor belt that hooks up to your house and the money comes into your house on a shoot.
Mommy: How does the money get on the conveyor belt?
Aiden: A machine puts it there.
Mommy: How does the machine get the money?
Aiden: It makes it.
Mommy: And it just gives people money for free?
Aiden: Yeah so you can buy what you want. I don't have enough in my piggy bank. I need a money cost-er.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Drama

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is this really November??

Flying kites on Lake Michigan. What a perfect day!

Halloween 2008

Aiden: It's my candy. I want to eat it all tonight!
Mommy: You can have one piece tomorrow.
Aiden: Ok.
Eli: Decorate me for Halloween!

After 5 or 6 houses...

Eli: Go home. I done.

Mommy: Let's finishes the houses on this block.

Eli: No. Go home.

Grandma carries Eli for a bit. He starts to catch on to this trick-or-treat thing and the heavier his bucket got the faster he walked and the more houses he wanted to stop at.

By the end of the night....

Mommy: We're done. Time to go home.

Eli: No! Lights on. Go more!
Eli and Aiden head up to a house...
Mommy: Remember, what do you say?
Aiden (at the door): Trick or treat!
Eli(at the door): I James(the red train). What your name?