Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Fun

Thank you everyone for helping make this such a special day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shots :(

Mommy: Aiden do you want me to take your band-aids off? (Aiden had shots today at the dr. office)
Aiden:No, I think the chicken pocks might still be there. I want to leave the band aid on for a little while.

Happy Birthday Aiden

Mommy: Aiden, what would you like after school for a special birthday lunch?

Aiden: Hummm

Aiden: chicken, squash, mashed potatoes, pears and a cup cake.

Mommy: sighs and says Ok. (Thinking from now on she needs to limit lunch choices so she doesn't have to spend all morning cooking).


Mommy and Eli out shopping for a present Eli can give to Aiden.

Mommy: Let's find a present for Aiden.

Eli: For me?

Mommy: No, for Aiden, it's his birthday.

Eli: My birthday?

Mommy: No, Aiden's birthday.

Eli: (picks a backhoe of the shelf) This one.

Mommy: You can to give that to Aiden?

Eli: No, Aiden give to me. My birthday.

Mommy: No, it's for Aiden.

Eli: I play it when I get home.

Mommy: No, we will wrap it when we get home.

Eli: I hold it?

Mommy: Yes you can hold it.

The next day at Aiden's party....

Mommy: Give Aiden the present.

Eli: (hands the present to Aiden and watches him open it) Thank you Aiden! (Takes the present away)

Mommy: No Eli, that is Aiden's present.

Eli: No, Aiden give to me.

Mommy: No, give it back to Aiden.

Eli: (very upset)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Fall Pictures


Eli: Aghhhh
Mommy: What happened?
Eli: crying
Mommy: Did you bite your tongue?
Eli: (in between sobs) No, bite eye.
Mommy: How did you bite your eye?
Eli: With finger.
Mommy: So you bit your finger?
Eli: No bite eye.
Mommy: Show me.
Eli (pokes finger into eye)Bite eye. (starts crying)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quotes from the day

Eli: I lonely.

Mommy: Why are you lonely?

Eli: Play trains with Aiden.

Mommy: You can play trains with Aiden when he gets home from school.

Aiden: I'm sad.

Mommy: Why?

Aiden: I want to play with my brother.

Mommy: When he gets up from his nap you can play with him.


Mommy thinking the world must be coming to an end was brought back to reality...


ELI: screaming

Mommy: (running upstairs) Aiden he is always your brother.

Aiden: (screaming) ELI YOU NOT MY FRIEND!

Mommy: He is your friend. You just don't like something he did. What happened?

Aiden: Eli I don't like you.

Mommy: What happened?

Aiden: Eli took my train.


Aiden: Screaming

Mommy: Show me the train. (Eli gives it to mommy) Thanks I will keep it.

Boys: Ok.

Mommy: (Screaming) Who used my hairbrush as their toothbrush!!!

Eli: (looks at mommy's hair) That funny!