Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Camp

Aiden: Where will we sleep at family camp?

Daddy: In a cabin.

Aiden: (thinking for a minute) But how will it get there?

Daddy: We will take the car.

Aiden: No how will the cabin get there? It is to big for our car?

Let's Go Thomas!!

A Fun filled day at The Illinois Railway Museum. Not only did the boys get to see Thomas, but they got to ride on a trolley, walk through Amtrack passenger cars, and learn about the biggest steam engines ever made!

Only one minor hitch:
Aiden: Hey! Where's 1518? (1518 was the engine that helped pull Thomas last year)

Mommy: It look like 7525 is helping Thomas this year.

Aiden: I wanted to see 1518. Where is he?

Mommy: Maybe he is helping another train being really useful.

Aiden: (screaming a few minutes later) Look Look It's 1518! I knew he would come! He's my favorite!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Future vegetarian??

**Aiden commenting on dinner**

Aiden: Oh look! It's roast beef like the Little Pigs!
Is roast beef like chicken Mommy?

Mommy: No it's like beef. It's from a cow.

Aiden: No Mommy, milk is from a cow!

Aiden: How does beef come from a cow?

Mommy: When a cow dies you eat the meat.

Aiden: The cow had to DIE! Why!

Aiden: How did it die?

Mommy: I don't know. Ask Daddy.

Aiden: Will you eat me when I die?

Mommy: No.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mini Phelps has his goggles and we were off to the zoo. The elephant was quite happy to pose for a zillion pictures which kept the boys laughing and laughing. The lion was very interested in the strap on the goggles and the boys were very happy to ride the train. Overall a great day.

Chef for hire

Gluten free gourmet in the making. It's never too young to learn the fine art of chocolate.

The next Michael Phelps

I think someone has been watching too much of the Olympics. He takes the goggles every where!