Friday, May 9, 2008

I can't sleep!

Daddy: Puts Aiden in bed and gives him some books to read
Aiden: But I'm not tired.
Daddy: I know, but you can read these books while you are waiting to get tired.
Aiden: But I will never ever ever get tired.
Daddy goes downstairs: I love you goodnight.
5 minutes later Aiden comes down stairs...

Aiden: Daddy! Daddy! I just remembered I can't read!

Mommy: Aiden we are going to the theater tomorrow.
Aiden: To watch a movie?
Mommy: No to see a play about Frog and Toad. Come watch the computer, it shows you what it is about.
Aiden: But where is the frog?
Mommy: Its the person pretending to be a frog. They are acting.
Aiden: But where is Toad?
Mommy: Its a person acting, pretending to be Toad.
Aiden watching the children describe their experience...
But Mommy no one is wearing Thomas.

**the last time children talked abut their experience some where it was a preview for A Day out With Thomas.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Spring!


Swings, slides, dirt and mud! What more could anyone want! Digging for ants
chasing rabbits, riding bikes. Spring is awesome. Did you know Eli can ride a two-wheeler! (with training wheels of course). I won't even try that. He sure is adventurous.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Speech and Language

Eli has been attending speech and language therapy at UW-Whitewater and I can not say enough about the hard work and dedication the clinicians have put into each therapy session. Our family is so appreciative of all their efforts and can not thank them enough. Eli has blossomed from a quiet little boy who rarely said a word to a little guy who never stops talking!