Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Aiden: What's for dinner?
Mommy: What do you think? Look.
Aiden: Dinosaur Bones!!!!!
I only like chicken when it is on the dinosaur bones.

Spring Break Road Trip

Just Press Play

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flu Bugs are no fun!

Aiden lifts his head briefly off the couch
"I can't get my smile up."
And puts his head back on the couch.

Aiden: Mommy, I ate some bugs.
Mommy: What?
Aiden: Now I sneeze. Some bugs are in my tummy.

Aiden: Grandma says I need a hamster.
Mommy: Why does grandma say you need a hamster?
Aiden: Because I like them.
Mommy: Where did you learn about hamsters?
Aiden: At school.
Mommy: Who takes care of the hamster?
Aiden: You do mommy.
Mommy: Nope you are not ready for a hamster.

Mommy: (calling grandma)you told Aiden he should get a hamster?
Grandma: No, but Little Bill had a hamster on tv.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two beautiful boys

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Aiden: (looking at his lasagna) What's that green stuff mommy?
Mommy: (thinking tofu mixed with spinach was not the most appealing answer) The silly leprechaun must have come and turned the cheese green.
Aiden: Ok. Maybe next time he can turn it red.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We started a band!

We're called "Too Cute for Diction" and this is our debut song. Hope you like it.

I know it says you can download it, but you can't. If you want a copy, email us.


Aiden: Mommy, Maddie went to heaven.
Mommy: Yup.
Aiden: When my batteries run out I will go to God too.

Aiden:What was that noise daddy? (daddy passed some gas)
Daddy: Did I toot?
Aiden: Nooooo. You burped!.
Daddy: Oh, really?
Aiden: It's ok daddy. You can burp from your butt and your mouth.

Eli: Knock Knock.
Aiden: Who's There?
Eli: Car Go.
Aiden: Car go who?
Eli: Car go, bannana, train, zoom.
Aiden: Haha Eli that's funny. Car go zoom! You are good at jokes.

*Eli always says all the punch lines and hopes you can figure out the joke.

Aiden and mommy are watching basketball

Aiden: (comes running up to the couch as the commentator is talking about how to make a shot) No mommy no!
Mommy: What's wrong?
Aiden: (almost in tears)No shots mommy. I hate shots!
Mommy: There are different kinds of shots. You throw a ball in the hoop to make a shot in basketball.
Aisen: haha. You are funny mama.

Mommy: Aiden please put your blocks in the box.
Aiden: I can't mommy. I would loose my breath.

Aiden: (passes gas)
Mommy: Glare
Aiden: What momma, my butt was just pumping gas!