Monday, November 26, 2007

Political Views of a Three-Year-Old

**Aiden is riding in the back of the car in Madison after dark and looks up and sees the state capitol building all lit up.

Aiden: Mommy's a big church!!
Mommy: No Aiden that's the State capitol.
Aiden: A church?
Mommy: No the capitol. You know how the President George works in the big white house. Well Jim the governor works in the capitol.
Aiden: No Mommy...George lives in a yellow house.
Mommy: Remember Aiden, we watched president George on tv and saw his big white house.
Aiden: I watch George in the yellow house mommy.
Mommy: You are right Aiden. George the monkey lives in a yellow house, but George the president lives in a white house.
Aiden: Yeah George is a monkey and the governator of dirt lives up there.
Mommy: The Governor of Wisconsin works up there.
Aiden: Ok mommy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Conversations continued...

Aiden: Hey, Mommy. I belched. It was a new belch.
Mommy: What happened to the old one?
Aiden: I sold it.
*Mommy motions frantically for Daddy to come listen*
Mommy: You sold your old belch? Why did you sell it?
Aiden: Because I didn't like it.
Daddy: How much did you get for it?
Aiden: $200.
Mommy: Where do they keep it?
Aiden: On their shelf.
Mommy: How do they use it?
Aiden: They burp with it!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Silly Puppy!

These are some of our favorite pictures of Maddie. We sure miss her. The boys love looking at her pictures and talking about her. What dog in her right mind would dress up as a bumble bee and then let a child drag her around?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween

I have decided Halloween is kind of fun. I was Thomas the Train. I was afraid to wear him ever since grandma gave him to me, but Uncle Keegan taught me to be brave...(well convinced me to put it on anyway. He kept giving me candy and then saying I would get more if I put my costume on). Well it worked. So many people gave me candy I could barely drag my pumpkin. With so much candy in there you would think I would be able to find my pumpkin. I have looked every where. I just disappeared the day after Halloween. Any thoughts where the candy went...Uncle Keegan??? Mommy??