Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Union Il. Railway Museum

This is he best museum around. They had steam engines that had wheels as tall as Dad and electric trolley cars that take you for rides. I rode on 3 different trains and even explored an old passenger train with a dining car, kitchen, and sleeping cars with beds that folded into the walls. Eli loved trying out the big fold up arm chairs, and he climbed up onto the top bunk with daddy for a quick snooze. We have to go back because we didn't get to see everything. Anyone want to join us??

A Day Out With Thomas

Guess Who was visiting the Railroad Museum?? Thomas!! He is a blue steam engine. He and 1518 made a good team (1518 was the engine that pushed in back of all the coaches). Thomas is only used to pulling 2 coaches (Annie and Clarabel), but today he had 6 and needed a little extra help. Eli and I had so much fun. I was so brave in spite of all the noise and big engines...except when Sir Topham Hatt tried to shake my hand. His head was so big I had to run away and hide under the stroller.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Security Drill

Everybody knows about security blankets and bears...but I have the latest and most unique model right here in Wauwatosa. Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED...Security Drill. It accompanies you everywhere and is great for those last minute home improvement jobs. You never know when you will have to fix your crib or high chair. It is best to carry it at all times!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The chase is on Mommy...The Chase is on!

I can pedal My Bike by My Self!!

Monday, August 6, 2007


For all of you who are wondering here is how Eli is doing...
He has passed his hearing tests. They are going to retest him at the end of the month to make sure their results are correct. He is using sign language to tell us what he wants. Right now he has about 25 signs. He is beginning to say words, but not consistently. Once in a while a word will pop out, but he usually doesn't repeat it. The other day he was saying bye bye. Other than that, he has been a healthy happy little boy who is enjoying his summer. He is loving playing outside, swimming lessons and following his big brother around all the time. He is lets say adventurous. He loves climbing and jumping and falling doesn't even seem to be a big deal.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An Emergining Sense of humor...

***Eli has been working hard to learn signs for his favorite food, toys, and activities***

Eli and mommy looking at the above picture.

Mommy: Eli who is this (pointing to the dog).
Eli: hahaha baby (signs baby)
Mommy: No Eli. That's doggie (signs doggie). Say doggie.
Eli: Baby hahaha. Babby. Haha
Eli then takes his diaper off and puts it in the cabinet laughing and laughing. What a trickster!