Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have a bad joke for you...

Why did the chicken and the bad robot cross the road?

To get to the otherside to sink in the mud puddle.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Mommy, What talks???

Aiden: Mommy, do clocks talk?
Mommy: No Aiden, they tick.
Aiden: Do orange clocks talk?
Mommy, No Aiden, they tick.
Aiden: No Mommy, orange clocks say tick, talk, tick, talk.
Aiden: What does my new baby cousin say?
Mommy: He is too little to talk. He can cry.
Aiden: No Mommy, he say I too big. I come out of Aunt Meg's tummy."
Aiden: Does Eli talk?
Mommy: Not yet, but he will soon. He is still learning.
Aiden: No mommy, Eli does talk.
Aiden: He say hahaha. He say ahhhh. He say duh.

(**This wouldn't be funny, except it is absolutely true. This is a very accurate assessment of Eli's speech and language skills...hopefully a speech pathologist will also pick this up***)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Do Kites Fly?

Daddy and Mommy took Aiden and I to Lake Michigan today to fly kites. I have never flown a kite, so I thought I would be great fun. Did you know the only way to make them fly is to run around. Kite flying is too much exercise if you ask me.

Bad habbits???

Mom says I am developing some bad habbits, but they seem quite logical to me.

Number 1: Whenever someone rings the door bell or a train goes by I run around in circles and bark. Not a problem for me, it's actually quite fun. In fact my big sister Maddie does it all the time. I should have guessed mom doesn't like it; she puts Maddie in her cage.

Number 2: Mom calls me "The Drama King." She says every time I get a scratch I carry on like I have a life-ending injury. Then I make sure everyone else knows about it for weeks to come. She says its my new social greeting. Instead of saying Hi my name is Aiden, I stick out my elbow and walk around waiting for pretty ladies to notice and kiss me. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

Number 3: I roar. Lions do it all the time. Why can't I? When Eli takes my toys, or someone says something I don't like, I roar VERY loundly. Mom says I need to use my words. I think everyone can tell from my tone I am NOT happy. Words are not necessary.

Number 4: I have this little funny phrase I use with Eli when I take his toys away. I tell him, "You will never find it now. HA HA HA." I mean it. I like to play with toys too. It is very hard to do that when the little guy keeps taking them. Mom says I should say, "Can I use that whe you are done." Or, "May I have that?" If you ask me, that doens't keep him from taking it right back.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why are hats necessary???

What is the purpose of a hat? They make your head hot, they are hard to see out of, and they move around a lot. I have been trying to convince everyone all spring that they are not necessary. Grandma even bought me this silly hat that is long in the back. She says it will keep the sun off my neck. I say it is annoying to have something hanging all over. It is much easier to dig in the garden without it on. Does anyone have any convincing arguments I can use against mom and grandma. There is a small reward available for the winning argument.

I Can Play Basketball...Sort of...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Building with Dad

I can build too!!