Friday, April 27, 2007

More Conversations with a two-year-old

Aiden talking with Daddy

Daddy: I love my son.
Aiden: I am not your sun. I am your Aiden. The sun is outside in the sky Daddy.

Aiden on his Butt

Aiden: Mommy something cruddy’s in my butt!
Mommy: What?!?
Aiden: I need a new butt.
Mommy: What?
Aiden: I need to go to the butt store and buy a new butt.
Mommy:With what?
Aiden: My credit card.
Mommy: Where’s your credit card?
Aiden: In my pocket. Let’s go Mommy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When I go to school....

I told mom today I wanted to color in my coloring book. We worked on it for almost an hour. She was so surprised when I tried to color in parts of the picture (you know she thinks all I can do is scrible!!). She keeps trying to get me to use my "pincher fingers" to hold my crayon. Most of the time I ignore her, but today she told me when I go to school I have to hold my crayon this way. Why didn't she tell me sooner. I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL. I showed her how I would hold my crayon when I go to school, but then I told her I would keep holding it my way since I am not in school now. Mom just laughed and laughed.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Admin Issues

As per the request of our millions of regular readers, we have turned on comments. That is all.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Conversations with a two year old...

Mommy: Aiden did you have a good night sleep?
Aiden: No
Mommy: What happened? Why didn’t you have a good night sleep?
Aiden: I bounce out of bed.
Mommy: Aiden we are going to go see Gramps today. We have to tell him I hope you feel better. The doctor had to help gramps. He had surgery.
Aiden: ...His engine is broken.
Aiden: Daddy what does the fire have?
Daddy: Heat and light
Aiden: and sticks
Aiden: (running around eyes closed) Mommy you can’t see me!

Mommy: Aiden you get a time out you are naughty.
Aiden: I’m not naughty. Maddie’s naughty. I happy.

Aiden on a burned out light bulb
Mommy I need to get a new light that lives there


Aiden looking out the car window:

Aiden: Mommy what’s that?
Mommy: It’s the moon.
Aiden: No it’s not. Mommy. Try again.
Aiden: It’s the earth!
Mommy: No Aiden we live on the earth. That is the moon.
Aiden: No we live on the moon.

Aiden about Maddie the dog:

Aiden: Mommy I need to go to the store
Mommy: What?
Aiden: I need to buy something.
Mommy; What do you need to buy?
Aiden: A new nose. We have to go to the nose store.
Mommy: What?
Aiden: Maddie needs a new nose. We have to go to the nose store.
Aiden and Daddy playing with play-doh

Aiden: Daddy, what’s that?
Daddy: It’s a pancake. What are you making?
Aiden: Elephant
Aiden: Daddy, what’s that?
Daddy: A snake.
Aiden picks up a lump and pokes a hole through it with his finger: Look Daddy a tunnel!
Daddy rolls up the snake to make his best clay pot and proudly displays it for Aiden: What’s this Aiden?
Aiden: A balquano (volcano).
Aiden reaches out with his palm over the volcano: Squished balquano!!
And mashes it flat.