Saturday, July 8, 2006


Well hello everyone. You haven't heard from me in awhile and boy do I have some things to share...Since my last entry, I have lived in 5 different houses, and a hotel. I have ridden in a car, bus, and an airplane, and visited two different states. So, where should I and dad sold our house in eloit in 5 days because dad got a new job in Wawadoda (that's how I say it anyway. We had to move out of our house a few weeks before we could move into our new house so Gramps let us stay in his huge house! I had so much fun visiting him all the time..did you know he lived right upstairs in our house! That was so cool!

I also took a trip with mom and dad and Eli. We flew to Phoenix and drove across the desert to Costa Mesa Ca. I had so much fun looking at all the airplanes at the airport. I was excited to ride on the airplne. Mom said I was very brave. I don't know about that, but I sure liked all the bumps on that ride. When we landed we took an awsome bus ride!! Mom says the bus driver was crazy. We took the turns so fast. I laughed and laughed and laughed. We stayed in a very big hotel. I also went to LA to visit Aunt Pat and Maggie. Did you know airplanes fly over her house every few minutes. I spent most of my time in her back yard golfing and watching airplanes. She also took us to the ocean. I didn't like that part. The waves were scary. All I wanted to do was dig in the sand.
After our trip to LA we drove back to Phoenix. We stayed with Grandpa Dick and Kelly. It was very hot!! We drove up in the mountains and saw red rocks...I wasn't interested in that part, but Angie (Kelly's daughter) let me borrow a dvd player for the car. I could watch Kidsongs all day! Kelly also has lots of puppies. They are very quick and it was tricky for me to catch them. I tried to be gentle with them so they would like me. After our visit, we flew home.
The next day, we moved to our new house. While everyone was unloading the truck, I sat in the front seat and beeped the horn and drove with the steering wheel. It has been an adventure.