Saturday, April 15, 2006

He is Risen

Happy Easter everyone! Guess what...I looked just like dad today. I wore a tie to church and everything. Mom was impressed I didn't try to take it off. She must not have known how sharp I looked. I know Eli thought all the ladies were paying attention to him...and that's ok cause he is little, but they really had all eyes on me! I had such a great day visiting everyone.

Did you know there is this bunny that brings you presents! He brought me an egg filled with cherrios. It was very tasty. He also brought me some leggos. I surprised mom and dad by naming all the colors...they thought the only color I knew was green. The easter bunny also left some golf clubs and other neat stuff and grandma and grandpa rays house. I chased golf balls all after noon. I was so busy I wouldn't even take a nap....try as mom and dad may to get me too. Thank you everyone for making my day so special.

Happy Easter

I guess this Easter bunny guy came to grandma Jodie's house and set up this neat game for me. He hid all kids of colorful eggs outside and I had to go and fid them. Grandma Jodie and Uncle Kevin had to help me at first, but I figured it out. That silly bunny even tied Easter baskets in the tree for me to find. I had so much fun. Grandma also took me for a walk with "George". "George" is my monkey friend that mom found for me. I wear him on my back and mom holds on to the tail. Mom says it is so I can't run away when I go for walks.