Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some Top Notch Baby Sitters

Aunt Terry and Uncle Dennis babysat me today. We had so much fun I didn’t even notice mom and dad weren't here. They gave me lots of snacks and played with me all afternoon. I cannot wait to spend another afternoon with them again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And still more Christmas...

Merry Christmas AGAIN!! Today I had Christmas with Gramps and Lynn and my Aunt Terry and Uncle Dennis and my cousins Logan and Trevor. I had so much fun playing with everyone. I learned about wrestling and video games (much to mom's dismay). Everyone thought I was funny when I got spaghetti all over my self at dinner. I didn't care though it was very tasty. After dinner, we opened presents. I wanted to hand them out again, but Logan and Trevor beat me to it. I will have to be faster next year. I loved helping everyone open their gifts. I can not believe all the awesome presents. I love my giraffe and my big truck (It is so big I can ride on it!!). I have been pulling my caterpillar around all night. Thank you everyone!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


I learned about Santa today. I met him once at the mall. I walked right up to him, and shook his hand. He asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. I said "no" and walked away. I think he was a little sad. Mom said I was a very brave boy. Well, maybe next year I will talk to the guy...he brought me a rocking horse!!


I was able to visit with my God parents, Kevin and Vera, today. They had to move away, so I do not get to see them very often, but I sure had fun with them. They gave me lots of hugs and kisses, and I was able to show off some of my new skills as well. They brought me a drum! I have been wanting one ever since I saw my first drum set this summer when mom and dad took me on a trip. Boy is it fun t play with. Vera said she should have gotten some ear plugs for mom. Mom says I play very nice music though, so I do not know why she wouldn't want to listen to it...all day long. I am so glad I was able to visit with them on this special day.

Merry Christmas

Today I went back up to Grandma and Grandpa Ray's house for a Christmas Dinner. Boy was it tasty. I loved the stuffing and Great Aunt Monica's fruit salad (yum yum). After dinner, I read books with everyone. I sure like walking up to people and signing "read" and then they read whatever I want! Great Aunt Monica and Great Uncle Fran brought some books for me. They are puzzle books and look like a lot of fun. Dad says they will keep me buys for hours (I guess that means it will keep him busy for hours since I am so insistent on everyone readin to me. I brought my new dinosaurs up to play with Uncle Keegan, but I was so tired, I had to take a nap and I missed out on the fun. I hear he had fun with them even though I wasn’t around. I am glad he is getting some practice in with them, so next time I bring them up we will play together.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone. I spent this morning with Grandma Jodie. She made everyone breakfast and boy was it good! I loved the special french toast with fruit bread and all the fresh fruit my special aunt Ruth brought. After breakfast everyone opened presents. I was the special present helper. I took all the presents to everyone and even tried to help them open them. It can be very tricky you know opening presents. I want to thank Uncle Kevin for the books, Grandma Jodie for the very soft Teddy bear, shirt, and activity center, and Aunt Ruth for the awesome clothes.

Christmas Eve Part 2

Christmas Eve Part 2 was at church. Daddy had a special children's service. There weren't a lot of people there so mom and I sat in the balcony all by our selves. I had so much fun up there. Mom let me walk around and look at everything. Usually I have to sit right next to her and if I don't she makes me leave...But today I could look over the balcony, and walk up and down the stairs. I would watch Daddy, and stop to sing for every song.

Christmas Part 3

Mom and dad are surprised I am still going, but after church we went to Grandma and Grandpa Ray's house to celebrate. I was able to be the special present helper again...until they fired me that is. I guess if you repeatedly give presents to the wrong people, they remove you from your special job. That was ok though, because I had such a good time playing with everyone and opening gifts that I didn't really mind not helping out. You should see my new big boy bike that Grandma and Grandpa gave me. There is a bell and everything. Uncle Keegan introduced me to dinosaurs! Boy are they cool. I can't wait to play dinosaurs with him again. I am working on my roar. Aunt Meg and Uncle Ross are keeping me well stocked in the building area. They gave me my first set of wooden blocks. Thank you everyone! I sure loved hanging out and playing with all of you.

Friday, December 23, 2005

A Little Chef in the Making

I helped mom and dad make cookies today. I had so much fun. Mom put all of the ingredients on the table and I helped dad pour them in the bowl and mix them together. Afterwards I learned how to roll cookie dough into a ball. Mom and Dad would make big cookies and I made little tiny cookies. Sometimes I threw them on the floor and sometimes I ate them. Mom says I can make big cookies when I learn how to put them on the cookie sheet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good Nights

Mom and dad said I had to write an entry about my favorite thing to do at night, because I won't believe it when I am older. I love going to bed. When someone tells me it's time to go to bed, I say "nigh nigh" and crawl right over to the stairs, climb up the stairs and go right into bed. I grab my baby, listen to my story, and I am out for the night. Mom and dad are pretty amazed. I don't exactly understand why. When they are tired, they fall's no big deal.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Party Time

I went to my first Christmas Party of the season at Rev. Gray's house. I had so much fun playing with his kids. Mr. Taylor taught me a cool new to juggle two balls. Then Cynthia taught me how to juggle three balls. I spent the rest of the night practicing with everything I could find. Eventually, mom said I had to stop throwing stuff around the house or I would break something. Couldn't she tell I was juggling???