Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Turkey Day

My very first Thanksgiving...There was so much to see and do, I am not sure I can remember it all. Let's see. I was able to meet and play with several beautiful women that just couldn't keep there hands off me. There was Great Aunt Wil who told me lots of stories and talked oh so gently to me. There was Great Aunt Monica who would rock me all night and kept me nice and warm. There was Aunt Meg who always kept a look out for someone to put me down so I wouldn't have to be lonely in my bouncer and of course there was Grandma Ray who helped me to get all the extra bubbles out of my tummy so I could feel better. Uncle Keegan tried to teach me to walk today and taught me a neat game called Saber Tooth Tiger. Mom says it's kind of like Peek-a-boo only a little scarier. But I am tough...he couldn't scare me. Uncle Shawn played some beautiful music so I could relax. I wanted to play with Uncle Chris, but he was busy with his car that hit a deer last night. I will have to catch him later. I liked to hang out with Grumpy because he had this great swinging technique that put me to sleep every time. My 2nd cousin Jason also held me. It was pretty cool because I was the first baby he ever held...and he didn't even drop me. Mom says one of her Uncles, that shall remain nameless, dropped her when she was a baby. But that same Uncle held me and did a great job. I guess practice makes perfect!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Holiday Fun Begins

I hung out with Grandma Jodi and Uncle Kevin today. We worked on decorating the Christmas tree. Uncle Kevin and Daddy hung the lights and Grandma told stories about the ornaments as they put them on the tree. The tree sure was beautiful to look at when they finished. I could have watched the lights all day!

Time to Eat

Today was the first day daddy took me out to eat at a restaurant. I went with him, Gramps, Mommy, and Lynn. Daddy learned all about the hammocks for the car seats so I could sit right next to everyone at the table. Everyone was impressed with how good I was. I slept the entire time! I knew they didn't have any milk on the menu so there wasn't much there I was interested in.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Can Move!

I rolled over today! Actually, it was kind of cheating because mom showed me how first and then she put my legs and arms in the right spot and then I used a little handhold on the blanket for leverage. But still, I rolled over! Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Party Time

I went to my first birthday party today for Grandma Ray. It sure was a lot of fun playing with everyone. Great Aunt Monica does a super job keeping me warm and happy. I could hang out in her arms all day! Uncle Keegan sure tries hard to teach me new things. He tried to teach me to crawl today, but I just couldn't hold my head up long enough to get the hang of it. He pushed me along the floor until mom told him to knock it off so I could get the feel of things.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Road Trip

I went on my first road trip today. Mom and Maddie took me to Dubuque to visit dad at school. I was very good for mom and slept all the way there and back. Maddie kept me company in the back seat. In Dubuque I was able to meet all of Dad's teachers and friends. I even got to go to class with him. Unfourtunately I do not remember what they learned because I fell asleep. Mom says theology will do that to the best of us from time to time.