Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Wow, was that ever a trip. It all started when our dog Maddie decided to ditch mom and chase a rabbit. Mom jumped off the porch and ran after the dog, caught her, brought her back in the house and realized she had just peed her pants. How embarrassing.

Of course she hadn't really, but she wasn't sure. Just to be safe she called Dad and told him to come home from Dubuque and checked herself into the hospital. She told the nurse, I probably just peed my pants and these are fake contractions, and you'll probably send me home in five minutes, but I thought I should at least check. The nurse set her straight and got her in a bed. By the time Dad showed up, it was getting downright uncomfortable in there. I tried to fit, really I did, but it just wasn't happening, so they ended up doing a c-section. It sure felt good to stretch, but what's a guy got to do to get some heat around here? I screamed and screamed, but they never got the room above 85 degrees. I about froze to death. Thankfully one of those smart nurses hooked me up with my own personal tanning bed. Dad keeps bouncing between me and mom checking on us both. He looks tired. I hope I get to see mom again soon. I'm hungry.