Saturday, August 28, 2004


Everyone has been asking for updates, so here it goes. I am a healthy active 32 week-old. I love kicking mom and jumping around. They say I am close to 4 lbs. They also told mom the other day I might be a girl. But they told her a while a go I might be a boy. That is a big surprise...I am either a girl or a boy. They said they would try again next week, but I just keep moving too much for anyone to know for sure. Mom and dad had a little scare these past few days and had to spend a couple days in the hospital. Mom got pretty sick and couldn't keep anything in her stomach and got dehydrated which triggered contractions. I didn't like that. The dr's gave her medicine and lots of IV fluids and she is doing much better now. She still has some medicine to take and a special diet for a couple days, but at least the walls stopped squeezing now. More room to kick!

Sunday, August 1, 2004

I Can Kick

Daddy tried to listen to my heartbeat today, so I kicked him in the head.